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Cooking For Fun's Canning Page
A Source for Tips, Recipes and Safe Canning

Canning Hints

When making jelly and jam hang a piece of string over the edges of the glass before pouring the paraffin. This makes it easier to remove paraffin when ready for use.

Try using a vegetable brush to remove scum from jelly or soup.

Leave a jar of hard or sugary jam or jelly in a warm oven until sugar softens, or put it in the microwave at 30 seconds at a time until sugar softens.

To store empty jars, wash, drain and store with the lids on after putting a piece of crumbled paper towelling inside to keep the jar odor free.

To harden jelly after the jelly glasses have been filled and cooled and have not hardened, place them in a pan of cold water and set in the oven. Allow to cook until stiff.

Add 2 tbsp vinegar when canning strawberries to retain red color of berries.

If you put a teaspoon of butter in cold juice before you boil jelly you will not have a scum on the jelly.
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If you don't have labels to write on, write on the jar while it's still hot with a bright colored crayon.


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