How to Attract Butterflies
Colors: the brighter the flowers you plant the better! Butterflies seem to be especially attracted to purple, yellow, orange, and red. Keep the colors growing all season by growing different varieties that bloom at different times.
Sun: most of the plants that butterflies need for food take full sun.
Petals: single petal flowers are easier for butterflies to get nectar from than double.
Water: butterflies need water too. A birdbath in the middle of your family garden will not only attract birds, but butterflies, too.

Host plants: in addition to flowers, butterflies also need "host" plants for caterpillars, the larvae of butterflies. While caterpillars will eat these plants, butterfly caterpillars don't do as much damage as moth caterpillars and don't cause total destruction to your plants. Some people suggest that you think of the butterfly catepillar as Mother Nature's "pruner." And keep  mind, in order for there to be butterflies to enjoy, there have to be caterpillars!

Some good host plants include: parsley, dill, butterfly weed, fennel, milkweed, aster, and anise.


Here are some recommended plants that attract butterflies and supply them with food:

Shrubs: Azalea, Abelia, Butterfly Bush, Lilac, Weigela

Flowers: Aster, Astible, Butterfly Weed, Calendula, Chrysanthemum, Coreopsis, Cosmos, Dianthus, Echinacea, Honeysuckle, Impatiens, Marigold, Mexican Sunflower, Rudbeckia, Salvia, Solidago, Sunflowers, Zinnia

Herbs: Basil, Bee Balm, Clover, Dill, Fennel, Hyssop, Lavender, Mints, Parsley, Rue, Sage, Thyme


How to Make Your Own 3-D Monarch Butterfly!
      Butterfly pattern
      Paper (8 1/2" x 11")
      Materials for decoration

1. Click here to view, then print and make copies of the butterfly pattern. (This pattern is designed to fill a standard letter sheet of paper. If you find the pattern prints too small or too large, it may require adjusting the print size either before printing or at the copy machine.)

2. Cut along the solid lines with scissors. (If you want to use other construction paper, trace the pattern on your paper of choice.)

3. Fold along the 3 dotted lines, so that the butterfly's wings come together and body hangs below the wings. Glue along the length of the body and press until dry.

4. Decorate your butterfly.


"There is more to life than the Monarch"

      The Black Swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes)
      Favorite Flowers: Butterfly weed, phlox, clover, and thistle
      Caterpillar Plants: Carrots, parsley, dill, and celery
      Common Range: Southeast, Desert Southwest, Midwest, New England 
      The Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio glaucus)
      Favorite Flowers: Butterfly bush, lilac, honeysuckle, and butterfly weed
      Caterpillar Plants: wild cherry, willow, cottonwood, and tulip-poplars
      Common Range: Nationwide, except Pacific Coast 
      Clouded Sulphur (Colias philodice)
      Favorite Flowers: Aster, goldenrod, phlox, and clover
      Caterpillar Plants: Clover and alfalfa
      Common Range: Nationwide, except Florida, Texas, and California 
      Checkered White (Pontia protodice)
      Favorite Flowers: Aster, butterfly weed, and centaury
      Caterpillar Plants: Mustard, turnips, cabbages, and beeplant
      Common Range: Nationwide, except for western Washington State 
      Spring Azure (Celastrina ladon)
      Favorite Flowers: Aster, butterfly weed, and centaury
      Caterpillar Plants: Dogwood, viburnum, New-Jersey-tea, and blueberry
      Common Range: Nationwide, except for south and central Texas 
      Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae)
      Favorite Flowers: Lantana, impatiens, shepherd's needle, and thistle
      Caterpillar Plants: Passion vines
      Common Range: Desert Southwest, Southeast, Wisconsin, California 
      Pearl Crescent (Phyciodes tharos)
      Favorite Flowers: Thistle, aster, and gloriosa daisy
      Caterpillar Plants: Aster
      Common Range: Nationwide, except Pacific Coast 
      Buckeye (Junonia coenia)
      Favorite Flowers: Aster, coreopsis, knapwee, and chicory
      Caterpillar Plants: Plantain, snapdragon and toadflax
      Common Range: Nationwide, except High Plains 

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