Who are Bill & Leilani Devries?

Around June, 1996, Leilani Young met a wonderful man named Bill Devries on-line (appropriately while playing "Hearts" at Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone). It was an event that would change both our lives forever. Although in different countries, and from different backgrounds (Bill was born in Amsterdam, Holland, and I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii), against all odds we fell in love. To make a long story very short, we were married on January 20, 1998, and now reside in Northern Ontario, Canada.

I have not really been attracted to cooking during my life (although I surely love to eat), but along with Bill came a great desire to please him,and to that end, I threw myself into the kitchen and into the few cookbooks I owned. There really wasn't much there to choose from, so I ventured out into the cyberworld again, and discovered recipes that challenged my creativity, and sometimes inspired my wrath! One day I found something that really amazed me....e-mail lists devoted to cooking! I immediately joined several, and found that not only was I learning how to cook, but also meeting many friendly people from around the world.

In September, 1997, I decided it was time to brave this new world and open a cooking list with my life partner (and kitchen companion), Bill. But what to name it? That decision was the easiest yet! By this time, I had discovered that cooking was really fun, and not the drudge I had always thought. Thus the formation of Cooking for Fun, which has grown from a handful of 'listers' to over 400 families! Both Bill and I feel that the true success of CFF is due to the loving friendship which is shown by each of our listers. CFF is truly not just another recipe exchange group.

CFF is also pleased to offer our list members a 24-hour chat room. Please visit our CFF Events page to learn more about this room.

We are pleased you have stopped to visit our Cooking for Fun Web site; please bookmark our home page and return often.

Each section of this site is compiled and maintained by several editors who are all members of Cooking for Fun. We thank them for their excellent and caring work on this site!

The Cooking for Fun Web site is dedicated to the loving memory of my parents, Berry & Sarah Young, who so patiently tried to teach me to cook.

Look, Dad & Mom, I finally learned!

Leilani Devries
April 1998
Owner Cooking for Fun (CFF)

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