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Tips and Tricks
Skin Care

Hydrate your skin -- pour some regular table salt into the palm of your hand, and to it addenough buttermilk (a couple teaspoons) to moisten it and make it spreadable. Spread this mixture on your face and gently rub it in for a few not scrub hard, be gentle. This mixture is supposed to help your circulation, hydrate your skin with salt, adjust its Ph balance with buttermilk, and take off maybe the top (dead) layer of skin...not 10 layers!! Rinse with clear water.  It leaves your skin smooth and moist.  I had terrible skin in my teens and 20's....visited many dermatologists, and none of them helped....but THIS RECIPE is what finally cured my acne and made my skin look healthy!  My skin is olive-toned and a little on the tough and oily side....if your skin is extremely fair and delicate, you may need to be even more cautious when trying this recipe.  Shared by Deena.

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