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Malaysian Sweets



Pulot Serikaya
(Glutinous Rice with Custard Topping)
Courtesy of Monique <>

Ingredients for First Layer:

1 1/4lbs.glutinous rice (washed,and soaked for at least 8 hours) Add a little salt to the water.

2 1/2 lbs. freshly grated white part only of old coconut
Extract 2 cups of coconut cream. Use a muslin cloth to do this. Add 1 Cup water to coconut and extract 1 cup milk for 1st layer.

1 fragrant screwpine leaf (daun pandan)
1/2 tsp. salt

Method for First Layer: Start boiling water in a steamer while you do the following. Line the base of a 9x9inch pyrex dish with banana leaves OR foil. Drain glutinous rice. Put into dish and spread it out. Pour 1 Cup of second extract, coconut milk which has been mixed with a pinch of salt. Add screwpine leaf which has been cut into 3 pieces. Place on steaming rack and steam for 20 minutes. Stir rice to mix coconut milk evenly and steam for another 10 mins. Remove from steamer. Check water in steamer and add hot water to top up. Using a banana leaf or the back of an oiled spoon press rice to compact and even top. Steam for another 5 mins.

Ingredients for Second Layer:

1/2 lb. sugar
7 eggs
4 screwpine leaves, cut into tiny pieces and liquidized with about 1 Tbsp water (extract juice and strain)
1 tsp. green food colouring
3 level Tbsp.Plain Cake Flour
2 Cups Coconut Cream from above extract

Method for Second Layer: Combine sugar and eggs and stir with a hand held whisk (do not beat) till sugar has dissolved. Add sifted flour,juice from screwpine leaves, and colouring, mix well then then add coconut cream, stir gently to incorporate and strain mixture.

Using a fork, prick the surface of compressed rice lightly. This is to ensure that the custard adheres to it. Pour the custard mixture gently over the the first layer. Steam for 30 minutes. Do NOT remove cover while the custard is steaming,at this time. After 30 mins remove cover, do a skewer test, if it is clean the custard is done. If not wipe cover and steam for another 5 to 10 mins. The top layer should be firm to touch and smooth with no bumps. Remove from steamer and leave to cool completely before cutting. To serve cut into 2" squares OR 2X1" rectangles. Arrange on a plate and serve.

This dish is very easy to prepare and very tasty.

Courtesy of William Tang

10 screwpine leaves
few drops of green food colouring
1/2 cup green pea flour
1 block palm sugar
1 tbsp sugar
1 coconut - grated
pinch of salt


1. Pound screwpine leaves and strain to extract the juice.
2. Add water to make 2 cups pandan juice and drop in colouring.
3. Mix flour with this mixture and cook over a medium flame, stirring continuously until it bubbles.
4. Place a strainer over a basin of cold water containing ice cubes. Spoon the misture into the stranier and press through with a spatula.
5. Drain off water and chill the cendol.
6. Boil palm sugar and whit esugar with 1/2 cup water to make a syrup. Strain and cool.
7. Extract coconut milk from grated coconut using 2 cups of water. Add in salt.

To Serve: Place 1 tbsp cendol in sundae glass then add 1 tbsp syrup and 1/4 cup coconut milk. Serve cold


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