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Cooking For Fun

Polish Appetizers

Shared by Iara

1lb. herring (salted),
2/3 cup sour cream,
1 2/3 oz. grated horseradish,
1 2/3 oz. raisins ( optional ),
parsley springs,
hard boiled egg yolk,
salt, sugar, pepper and lemon juice to taste.

Rinse the herring. Cut off the heads, fins and a thin strips from the belly. Draw the fish, leaving the milt and roe and discarding the rest. Soak the fish in the large amount of cold water for 20 - 24 hours, changing the water several times. Cut through the skin along the spine and pull it off carefully.

Combine sour cream with horseradish, rinsed raisins, chopped parsley springs and egg yolk that has been forced through a strainer. Season to taste. Arrange the herrings on the platter and pour the sour cream over them.


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