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Cooking for Fun
Throw It On The Grill!


 CFF members love to grill! Here's some of our favorite
hints and recipes for the perfect BBQ. Enjoy!

Safety Tips!!!  Important!!

    1. Always transport the gas cylinder upright and secured in a ventilated area. Ideally, wedge the cylinder on the rear floor of the car on the passenger side, with the window slightly open.

    2. Never store a filled propane tank indoors. Propane is compressed to 270 times its original volume and a leaking cylinder can quickly fill an enclosed area with gas.

    3. Always make sure your barbecue is on a solid surface, away from shrubbery, low overhangs and foot traffic. Keep the area free from anything that might obstruct the flow of air for combustion and ventilation.

    4. Ensure that the burner throat of the barbecue is free of dust or cobwebs. The venturi tubes are a favorite nesting spot for spiders, and the cobwebs and nests can cause a back-up of gas. Obstructions in the venturi tubes can cause a "flashback" fire at the air-shutter openings under the barbecue basin. Use a pipe cleaner, a wire, or a special venturi brush to clear out the tubes.

    5. Always check your burner assembly for corrosion.

    6. Check all your fittings, hose connections and valves. You can check for any gas leaks by performing the "soap test" on the hose and joints -- the same way you would check for a leak in a bicycle tire. A leaking or open valve can lead to gas being accumulated under the lid or in the basin and could result in an explosion upon lighting the barbecue.

    7. To restart a sluggish charcoal fire, soak two or three briquettes in lighter fluid for a minute or two, then add them to the other briquettes and light with a match.

    Soap Test Procedure: Leave the barbecue valve off and the cylinder valve on. Spread a soapy solution on all fittings and on the hose. If bubbles appear and become bigger or more numerous, there is a leak. Repair it before using the barbecue.

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