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Recipe Lu

Cooking with Recipelu & Friends is a friendly fun place for people to share their favorite recipes, kitchen tips, humour and disaster stories.  Started in September of 1997 we've grown steadily over the months, and were listed as the List of the Day in PC worlds Tip or the Day in April.   Our large membership makes this a very active list, with lots of great ideas, friendly chat, and some of the best recipes found anywhere.  Looking for that long lost recipe?  Just ask away and one of us is sure to have it.   Some special features on RecipeLu include,  Theme Weeks, Cookbook Swaps,  Recipes formatted into Mastercook and Archived monthly, Definition of the Day, and we keep adding more.

For more information about joining us on RecipeLu or to have a look at our archives, please have a look at our Web Site Bon Appetit everyone !

"Jewish-food is an open, unmoderated list for all interested in the discussion of general aspects of Jewish food which may include the exchanging of recipes and cooking techniques of Jewish food in general." List Owner: Jeff Freedman ( Recipe Editor: Linda Shapiro (

Prospective members to the jewish-food list or digest may subscribe via the form at the Jewish-Food Recipe Archives located at Or you can subscribe to the list by sending an e-mail to:  OR for the digest. Include the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line of your header.