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Peter and Tabitha have a new recipe list that is in Dutch. If you are interested in joining the group, you can write to them at: To visit the archives of the list, visit at: Just recipes!  It's fun, it's free, it's topical sharing!  Share 10 recipes each month and receive a file of 100 - 300 recipes in return, all MasterCook formatted.  No recipe program needed to participate.  Four great groups to choose: REG 1 - Gourmet. REG 2 - Everyday Cooking. REG 3 - The Corner Bake Shop. REG 4 - Cookbook Highlights. Cooking Information Center and Recipe Exchange Group at TNT Recipes is an unmoderated mailing list. It's intended for the exchange of recipes and information on all things culinary. Threads discussing food preparation, cookbooks, fine dining, food software, etc. are all acceptable in addition to your Tried 'N True recipes. This list is intended to be FUN as well as informative. TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE REGULAR TNT LIST:  Send an email to:, and in the body of your email message put: subscribe recipes <your email address>. TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE TNT DIGEST:  Send an email to the same address with the following in the body of your email message: subscribe recipes-digest <your email address>. TNT CONTACT: Mary Spero <>.