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Graham Landrum

The Famous D-A-R Murder Mystery: Searching for the resting place of a Revolutionary War hero at Brown Spring Cemetery, the ladies of the Old Orchard Fort chapter of the DAR discover a murdered body among the graves and launch a personal investigation.

The Rotary Club Murder Mystery: It's Rotary Day in Borderville (smack on the Virginia-Tennessee line), and attendance is way up. But the eagerly awaited district governor is late--literally. Shot with his own gun in his chain-locked motel room, it is arguably a suicide.

The Historical Society Murder Mystery: When a valuable heirloom portrait by Charles Willson Peale that is left to the local historical society turns out to be a fake, historical society president Helen Delaporte and octogenarian sleuth Harriet Bushrow set out to find the missing painting and bring a thief to justice.

The Sensational Music Club Mystery: When the new wife of a wealthy octogenarian is found dead of cyanide poisoning, Harriet Bushrow and her friends from the local DAR and Rotary Club find a host of suspects among the elderly gentleman's jealous heirs.

The Garden Club Mystery: People seemed to enjoy my father's four other mystery novels so much, it seemed a shame to leave his last one unfinished. Now nonagenarian sleuth Harriet Bushrow is back on the case when the garden club's efficient but tyrannical president gets knocked on the head with a concrete garden squirrel.

Janet Laurence
Death and the Epicure: Hired to pen a cookbook for Finer Foods, a West Country firm specializing in exotic gourmet products, Darina Lisle soon finds herself investigating her client when a Finer Foods employee is murdered.

A Tasty Way to Die: No review for this title is available.

Recipe for Death: Asked to judge a prestigious cooking competition in London, professional caterer Darina Lisle befriends the winner, Verity Fry, and senses unexplained hostility between Verity and her fiance.

Death at the Table: As food expert Darina Lisle is entertaining television viewers, her co-star, Australian wine expert Bruce Bennett, drops dead on camera. Has he been poisoned? If so, why? With a flair for detection that equals her cooking skills, Darina starts from scratch and finds two more murders adding spice to the crime. Will she become the final ingredient in a recipe for the perfect murder?

Death at the Provencale: No review for this title is available.

Diet for Death: No review for this title is available.

Hotel Morgue: Contemplating an investment in Hotel Morgan, run by widow Ulla Mason and her attractive stepson Alex--Darina Lisle becomes distracted from her financial doings when her beau, Detective Sergeant William Pigram takes on a pretty partner.


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